Senin, 30 Mei 2011


hai jay what's up. hope you are there is always healthy and happy. today I wanted to write something about you. about feelings and my dreams about you.

hahha I'm confused where to begining.

anyway, I'll start with the first story I know about you and how can I be one person who loves you.

well, first I know you is when you get into trouble with JYP and 2PM and antifans who hate you because you have a little insulting the Korean nation. then I think if you're that bad, if you people are annoying and arrogant???

constantly looking for news about your case, then I know that it is very reasonable. but we are also only human, I also often use blogs to pour all the problems and what terjadidalam life. and the human.
I think that when you are feeling a bit stressed and need a place to vent all the things that can not be understood by others. :) jay ok

after that, I really became a ure fans. now you've got from all your problems, you have a great family who is always there beside you, AOM and JWALKERZ who always support you. there is always the wisdom of every issue .. you become more successful, is not good like this. hahha just kidding. You are a very lucky person :)

jay do not ever feel alone when you're sad, do not ever feel lonely when you are in a crowd, do not ever feel hopeless and defeated by the problem.

jay not like I'm crazy or anything, I love you with all the shortcomings. not just your good looking or talented, but because every time I imagine your face I feel comfortable. Well I know you were the artist well might make someone else like a dream when they want to approach you. but I'm sure the power of the Lord is always there. and I always pray that one day the Lord brought us beautiful, closer to us, and bless us in a SERIOUS relationship. whether I like a dream jay?

yes I'm dreaming but I'm trying to realize the dream.

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